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Product recalls continue

Sandwiches recalled for possible Listeria

Tuna salad items recalled

Listeria monocytogenes update

E.Coli outbreak in Oklahoma

Waitrose recalls pickled shallots due to glass contamination

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Further news on the listeria outbreak

Nestle recall stuffed pepperoni pizza sandwich

Chicken noodles recalled due tp potential presence of soy

Further listeria recalls announced by the CFIA

Peppers - ongoing problems

Star Foods recall a number of products

Counterfeit Spar vodka contains methanol

Salmon recall due to Listeria

Canadian listeria outbreak linked to cooked meat

Gastroenteritis outbreak following water contamination

FSAI issues update on Salmonella Agona

Salmonella Saintpaul cases continue

Eat Natural recalls cereal due to undeclared hazelnuts

Co-op recalls flapjacks due to undeclared allergens

Waitrose recall salmon tagliatelle

Morrisons withdraws Best Wiltshire Breaded Ham due to undeclared gluten

Vanilla wafers due to potential undeclared soy

Canned peppers recalled

FDA and mussels

Nebraska Beef recall for E.coli

Salmonella Agona again

Recent US FDA alerts

Bovril recall due to salmonella contamination

Walker recall crisps due to rubber contamination

Further recalls in Ireland due to Salmonella Agona

Tuna recalled due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes

Salmonella Agona -latest

Chicken withdrawn due to fly larvae contamination

Chocolate covered raisins recalled due to potential peanut contamination

Julian Graces recalls ginger product due to possible nut contamination

Morrisons recall product for undeclared mustard ingredient

Salmonella Agona outbreak

Spaghetti sauce recall due to undeclared milk

Latest on Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak

US Beef and recalls due to E. Coli

Bottled water recalled due to E. coli

Salmonella outbreak takes tragic turn

Pest infestation leads to prosecution

Increase in EU food safety warnings

Salmonella outbreak in the UK

Apple pies recalled due to potential plastic contamination

Sorbet recalled due to undeclared milk allergen

FDA and mexican peppers

Pies recalled for undeclared soya allergen