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Have we found all the beef?

Back in August, I wrote a post on product recalls When did you last test your product recall? and in last week or so about the Hallmark beef recall. There have been a flurry of posts since on the issues surrounding the recall including:Where's the recalled beef? Will the Westland/Hallmark Recall Prompt Action by Congress?Beef industry presses for reduced recallMeat packer to close after largest ever product recall

Company may foldI have written before about food safety and brand equity, including in the British Food Journal, and the consequences to organisations and supply chains in the event of a product recall.The problem with recalling the last two years production from a processing site is the truth is that most of the product produced at the start and middle of the recall has probably already been eaten! In many recall situations, whilst you can advise consumers not to use product linked to certain batch codes if they are storing it at home; once the food has left the wholesa…

Issues with beef supplied to schools

The LA Times reports that the USDA has shut down a beef plant at Chino because it has been alleged that meat from sick and poorly treated cattle has entered the food supply chain. Cattle that cannot walk are banned from use as human food. This is due to the fact that they show a higher occurrence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, (BSE) otherwise known as mad cow disease. The Food Poisoning Blog reports from the USDA Statement that the "USDA at the time of the hold also indefinitely suspended the eligibility of Westland Meat Packing Company to participate as a supplier to Federal food and nutrition programs, specifically the National School Lunch Program, the Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations."There is no evidence that unsafe meat was produced but the whole process has highlighted big issues with regard to animal welfare and food safety.

Walkers crisps recall

The UK Food Standards Agency has issued a food alert concerning Walkers Snack Foods Ltd who have recalled some date codes of Walkers Crisps due to the possible presence of pieces of yellow rubber within the products. For more details follow the link.

Allergy alert for Apricots

The UK Food Standards Agency has issued an Allergy Alert because East End Foods plc has recalled its own-brand Dried Apricots Seedless (300g) because the product contains sulphur dioxide, which is not mentioned on the label. Sulphur dioxide is an allergen that should be declared on the label. For more details follow the link.


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