Sunday, 27 April 2008

Undeclared milk proteins

There have been a series of food recalls due to undeclared milk proteins in the UK. These include:
Natural East Bars

Whitakers Chocolate

Delvaux Chocolate


Churchfield's Fine Foods Ltd Chocolate.

Follow the links to find out more.

Undeclared sulphites in chutney

The Food Standards Agency has issued a recall for undeclared sulphites in Laziza International Mint Chutney. Follow the link to find out more

Soya recalls

Since the Wholesnax recall in March there have been further recalls in the UK due to undeclared soya: Catering packs of Vitalite and further Update. Follow the links to find out more.

Pizza recalled due to undeclared celery

Aldi Stores UK Ltd has recalled a batch of Cucina Stone Baked Mixed Vegetable Pizza due to a labelling error resulting in the presence of undeclared celery. Follow the link to find out more.

Houmous is being recalled

Waitrose and Tesco have recalled batches of houmous due to the presence of Salmonella. Follow the link to find out more.

Salmonella and seeds - the recalls continue

The recalls listed by the Food Standards Agency that are attributed to seeds continue to grow in number. The latest are

East End Foods recall dill seeds

Nacto Foods Ltd and fennel seeds

Follow the link to find out more.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Has your audit team lost its edge?

Sometimes people get stale when they undertake a task several times. They tend to skim over certain areas because they have checked them time and time again and never found a problem before.

Are you finding that your internal audit programme is becoming a little superficial, not identifying weaknesses in your organisation's systems and procedures before they cause non-conforming product or service?

Do you find that your internal audits and management review are failing to drive continuous improvement and strengthen your organisation?

If you have answered yes to both questions then your team and organisation could benefit from the one day interactive workshop that we deliver called "Getting back on track!"

To find out more here are the ways that you can contact us.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Food safety - round-up

There have again been a number of food safety incidents reported in the US. For more information check out the links:

Salmonella and cereals

Shigella and Indianapolis

Pathogens and irradiation

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Norovirus outbreak in Maryland

The Food Poisoning Law Blog has carried a post on a recent Norovirus outbreak in Maryland. Follow the link for more details.

Green and Blacks recall product

The FSA report that Green & Black's has recalled its own brand Organic Hot Chocolate Drink 300g, due to two reports of glass fragments found within the product. For more details follow the link.

Wine recall due to potential glass contamination

Les Grand Chais de France has recalled Calvet Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc 25cl, due to a bottling fault leading to possible glass contamination. Follow the link for more details.

More seed product recalls

The Food Standards Agency report that Waitrose Ltd has recalled its own-brand alfalfa seeds, due to the presence of salmonella in one batch. For more details follow the link.

Listeria recall

The Food Standards Agency has reported that the Golden Cross Cheese Company Ltd has recalled a batch of Flower Marie Unpasteurised Soft Mould Ripened Cheese due to contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

For more information follow the link.