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CFIA recalls this week

FSIS and FDA recalls this week

Fipronil update 21.10.17

R M Curtis & Co Ltd recalls Snacking Essentials Fruit & Nut because of undeclared Brazil Nuts

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

CFIA recalls this week

Pastry Plus — Cookies Sweet

HIGH5 recalls Energy Source Summer Fruits products due to undeclared allergens

Australia Sunrise Enterprises Pty Ltd — Lactate Calclum Jelly

Ming Lee Trading Pty Ltd — Dried black dates

Les Brioche recalls its Les Brioche Pain au lait Brioche Rolls 8 Pack because of undeclared soya

Consumers warned about unregistered and unapproved ice-cream producer, Zac Ices (or Lucky Gold Leaf)

Recall of a Batch of The Little Milk Company Organic Irish Cheddar Cheese Due to Listeria monocytogenes

Shahnaz Food Products Ltd recalls Mr Naga Hot Pepper Pickle because of undeclared mustard

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

P&B (Food) Ltd recalls Heera Punjabi Wadi because of undeclared gluten and soya

CFIA recalls this week

Aldi recalls Chicken and Bacon Layered Salad because of undeclared milk

Product Recall Australia issues three recalls

TK Maxx & Homesense recalls various Bite Fuel Protein Granola Trail Mixes because of incorrect allergen labelling

Gourmet Nut recalls Gourmet on the Go Wasabi Peas because of undeclared Wheat (gluten)

Costcutter recalls Independent Sliced Chorizo because of incorrect allergen labelling

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

Pure Foods Tasmania no.1 — Single Selection Classic Original Pate 125g

Asda recalls its Little Angels Organic Beef & Sweet Potato Stew because a small piece of plastic has been found in one product

FDA and FSIS recalls this week