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Golden Circle Canned Beetroot Slices

Product description: Golden Circle Canned Beetroot Slices 450g

Identifying features: Batch Code WO0544

What are the defects? The recall is due to the potential for microbial growth in this batch.

What are the hazards? This product may cause illness if consumed.

Supplier HJ Heinz Company Australia Limited

What should consumers do? Consumers should not consume this batch. Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

Food Recalls - Australia

Recall of Nigeria Taste Brown Beans Due to Possible Contamination with Aluminium Phosphide

As a precautionary measure, Jumbo UK is recalling all batches of Nigeria Taste Brown Beans, due to the possible risk of contamination with aluminium phosphide. The dried beans were transported with envelopes of aluminium phosphide, which is used as a fumigant, and it can be highly toxic if it is consumed. So far no beans have been found to be directly contaminated with aluminium phosphide. In-store recall notices will be displayed in relevant retail shops supplied.

Source: FSAI

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

CFIA recalls this week

CFIA recalls this week

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

CFIA recalls this week

FDA and FSIS recalls this week

CFIA recalls this week

New food standards body for Scotland debated

The Scottish government wants to set up Food Standards Scotland (FSS) to replace the current Food Standards Agency in Scotland. Provisions to create the body are contained in the Food (Scotland) Bill, which has already been backed by the parliament's health committee. It will be debated at its first stage in the Holyrood chamber later. The new body would have a wider scope, including greater powers to tackle diet and nutritional health in addition to regulating food safety. Extra measures to ensure food safety were also included in the legislation in the wake of the horsemeat scandal. The new body would be given specific powers to seize food that does not meet labelling rules.

Source: BBC News


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