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Stores recall fake Colgate toothpaste

Sushi recalled due to undeclared egg

Choking hazard posed by mini cup jelly products

Limits of detection

FSA Update on Irish Beef

Salami recalled due to salmonella

Cocoa products recalled because they may contain melamine

Sausage: potential contamination with listeria

Biscuits recalled due to potential melamine contamination

Denmark: infant botulism

Potential listeria contamination of meat

Mini cup dessert recalled due to potential chocking hazard

Second recall for nuts and Salmonella

Nuts recalled due to Salmonella

FSAI issue further update

Aussie butchers fined for dosing meat with SO2

Crisps recalled for potential rubber contamination

Winter vomiting bug hits the UK

Drink recalled due to undeclared milk

Pastrami may contain Listeria

FSA issue Irish dioxin update

Milk allergy causes recall

Product recall due to listeria

Fish may contain botulinum toxin

Stilton Cheese recalled for Listeria

Food poisoning incident linked to shredded lettuce

Irish pork recall reaches the US

CFIA report prosecution for adulterated oil

Irish pork back on shelves

Allergen alert for "freefrom" foods

EFSA responds to Commission’s urgent request on dioxins in Irish pork

Pork and bacon supplies go back on the market

FSAI issue further update

Questions and Answers from Beef Alert

Update on Irish Beef

FSA update on Irish Pork

Comment on the Irish pork incident

A blog post on health risks and dioxins

UK FSA statement on dioxins: update

FSAI issue further statement on pork and dioxins

Irish pork and dioxins: an update

FSAI updated statement on dioxin and Irish Pork

FSA Statement on Irish Pork

Sainsbury's recall chicken due to potential contamination with milk protein

Walkers recall crisps for potential rubber contamination for the third time this year

Dioxin scare leads to recall of pork products

Sandwiches recalled due to undeclared egg products

Fish products recalled as may contain undeclared buttermilk

Walgreens Recalls 173 Teddy Bears With Chocolate Bars Sold Since Late September 2008

Chocolate bars recalled due to potential of undeclared milk

Chocolate spreads recalled due to potential for undeclared milk ingredient

Chocolate almonds recalled due to undeclared milk

Ricotta Cheese may be recalled due to potential contamination with Listeria

Tesco recall cocoa due to undeclared milk

Cyclists affected by Campylobacter during race

Melamine scare impacts on Chinese exports of milk products

Cumbrian Pancetta recalled over concerns about Listeria

Yazoo milkshakes recalled due to faulty seals

Morrisons withdraws wine due to undeclared sulphites