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Salmonella incidents

There have been a number of Salmonella incidents reported this week around the world - these include:

Italian outbreak of Salmonella - A British man has died and a further 19 holidaymakers have been linked to a food poisoning outbreak at their hotel in northern Italy.

Guernsey outbreak of Salmonella - A Salmonella outbreak linked to raw eggs has affected 18 customers and staff linked to a catering establishment.

Salmonella Saintpaul and Tomatoes - the numbers increase

It is now nearly two weeks since I first wrote a post about Salmonella and Tomatoes. In the fortnight the number of confirmed cases continues to increase. 613 people have now been shown to be linked to this outbreak and there are probably hundreds if not thousands more who have been unwell and not been formally identified. The CDC confirm that only 3 people were identified as having been infected with this strain of Salmonella during the same period in 2007.

There have been no reports as to the source or indeed cause of the contamination - but the problem for consumers appears to be geographically widespread. Whilst investigations continue there will be the ongoing discussions over traceability or "trace-back" in the supply chain and whether the cost of implementing robust systems outweighs, or not, the net benefit to organisations and consumers. However ultimately the food supply chain and food brands rely totally on consumer trust and confidence.

Abraham Lincoln once said th…

Fudge Brownie Slice recalled

The UK Food Standards Agency report that Peacock Bakeries have recalled a range of batch codes of Chewy Fudge Brownie Slice because the product contains walnuts, milk and sulphites as ingredients that are not declared on the label, resulting in incorrect allergen information. The product is, therefore, a potential health risk for individuals with sensitivities to nuts, milk and/or sulphites. Follow the link for more details.

Salmonella Saintpaul and Tomatoes - update

I wrote a post on June 10th about the Salmonella incident linked to tomatoes. The number of reported cases has risen to 383 people in 30 US States. The Washington Post reports that 48 people are in hospital. Fast food restaurants are now beginning to sell tomatoes again after they stopped selling tomatoes last week. The source of the infection has not yet been identified.

First posted in The Human Imprint.

E.coli 0157 and lettuce

It is just over a week ago that blogs started posting about the E.coli incident in Washington State. Nine cases of E. coli O157:H7 infection were confirmed and traced back to bagged, commercial romaine lettuce. Marler Blog has posted a excellent time line on the recent E.coli outbreaks in the US.

Salmonella and Seeds - again

There have been ongoing issues with Salmonella and seeds and the FSA report that Golden Saffron Ltd has recalled a batch of Khakshir seeds, due to the presence of Salmonella. Follow the link for more details. This brings the number of FSA reported recalls for Salmonella and seeds to eleven so far this year.

Salmonella and Tomatoes - ongoing issues

Tomato-associated Salmonellaoutbreaks caused 1,616 reported illnesses in nine outbreaks during 1990—2004. During 2005--2006, there were four outbreaks of Salmonella infections associated with eating raw tomatoes at US restaurants. The outbreaks resulted in 459 confirmed cases of salmonellosis in 21 States. These were Salmonella Newport, Salmonella Braenderup and Salmonella Typhimurium. Suggested sources were irrigation water, and drainage ditch water. The pH of many varieties, especially when they ate overripe, is not sufficiently low to inhibit the growth of this pathogen (food poisoning organisms). The pH of canned tomatoes is often modified by the addition of citric acid in order to inhibit pathogens. Salmonella and tomatoes have been back in the news again. The FDA has warned against eating raw plum, round or Roma red tomatoes unless they are from specific sources. McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell have stopped serving these types of tomatoes. The CDC reports that since …

Listeria recall with sweetcorn

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced that as a precautionary measure, Supreme Cuts LLC is voluntarily recalling 87 cases of Off the Cob Fresh Kernel Corn in 12 oz bags. The product may be contaminated with Listeriamonocytogenes. This organism can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail and elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Listeria infection can can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. Follow the link for more details


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