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Australian food recalls - multiple recalls this week

Murray River Organics Pty Ltd — Coconut milk powder non-organic / non-GMO due to presence of an undeclared allergen (milk)

Golden North Pty Ltd — Frozen icecream - various flavours and sizes of brands Golden North, Black Gold, Country Style, Foodland and Simple - possible presence of foreign matter (small metal pieces) in the icecream.

ABC Sales & Marketing Pty Ltd — Mamee Monster Rice Sticks vegetable flavour 6 pack - presence of an undeclared allergen (gluten).

Tassal Operations Pty Ltd — Tasmanian Smokehouse Australia Sliced Smoked Salmon - recalled due to application of incorrect 'Use By' date (18DEC18).  The product is safe to consume until 23 January 2018. After this, consumption of the product may cause illness.

Le Rose Nominees Pty Ltd — Fruit Mince Tarts - the recall is due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (tree nuts - pistachios).


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