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Product Recall Australia issues three recalls

Trans Oriental Import and Export Pty Ltd — Frozen Areca catechu (betel nuts)

Evermore Group Pty Ltd — New Choice Assorted Jelly Cups and Chun Shing International Trading Pty Ltd — Triko Fibrous Juice Jelly (peach, mango or grape flavour), Dr Q Konjac Fruit Jelly (mango, lychee or grape flavour) & Sheng Xiang Zhen Assorted Flavor Fruity Coconut JellyThe jelly cups contain konjac. Jelly cups containing konjac are permanently banned in Australia


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Recall of Supervalu and Centra Irish Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie Due to the Possible Presence of Small Bones

As a precautionary measure, Supervalu and Centra are initiating a recall of Supervalu Signature Tastes Irish Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie and Inspired By Centra Irish Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie, due to the possible presence of small bones. Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores that sold the implicated products.

Source: FSAI


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