Friday, 22 April 2016

Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka—Saltbush Kitchen Roasted Wattleseed Syrup

Product description: 200mL glass bottle of roasted wattleseed syrup - wattleseed spice, brown sugar, water Sugars 42.1g per 100 mL

Identifying features: Batch no: 015 Expiry: 13/11/16

What are the defects? The product labelling does not state the requirement to refrigerate after opening. Fermentation may occur after opening the product if it is not refrigerated.

What are the hazards? If fermentation occurs, the glass bottle may shatter due to increased pressure, posing a potential laceration hazard.

Dates available for sale 14th April 2015 - 12th April 2016

Where the product was sold Victoria

Source: Product Safety Recalls Australia

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