Monday, 3 August 2015

Roots in Nature Pty Ltd—Buchi Kombucha 500ml Bottles

Product description
Buchi Kombucha 500ml Bottles

Identifying features
Buchi Kombucha 500ml Bottles - All batches The beverages involved include all 500ml batches of: Buchi Mama (The Original) Kombucha Buchi Ginger & Turmeric Kombucha Buchi Hibiscus, Galangal and Lime Kombucha Buchi Deep Greens Kombucha

What are the defects?
Customers are advised that Buchi Kombucha (Roots in Nature Pty Ltd) is recalling all of its kombucha due to it containing alcohol.

What are the hazards?
 kombucha may contain level of alcohol at levels that may be intoxicating.

Where the product was sold
New South Wales, Queensland,Victoria

Source: Food Recalls Australia

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