Philip Cassidy Apples Inc. Fined $15,000

On January 23, 2012, at the St. Jérôme courthouse, Philip Cassidy Apples Inc., located in St. Antoine Abbé, pleaded guilty to five charges of violating the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations. The Court of Québec ordered the company to pay fines totalling $15,000. The offences consisted of trading apples interprovincially five times between April 27, 2009, and May 12, 2009, in violation of paragraph 29(1)(a) of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations. The company shipped McIntosh apples in bulk grown in Nova Scotia to Quebec without having the required authorization. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for enforcing various federal legislation, including the Canada Agricultural Products Act and its Regulations that govern the marketing of agricultural products (import, export and interprovincial trade).

Source: CFIA


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