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GS1 announces Global Product Recall Standard

Ausfoodnews reports that GS1, the not-for-profit organisation that designs and manages the global barcode and logistics system for supply chain standards, last week announced the agreement of a new global product recall standard, along with an implementation guide for multi-jurisdictional recall notifications.
This new standard will provide a blueprint enabling all supply-chain stakeholders to implement more effective product recall processes and notifications. The standard defines and standardises the vital information to be shared among trading parties and regulators during a product recall alerting process. The standard complements and extends the existing GS1 Traceability Standard that provides companies with a well-defined traceability process to meet regulatory requirements, building upon existing GS1 standards that are widely used in most supply chains around the world. It is incorporated into country-specific, GS1-standards based recall platforms, such as Rapid Recall Exchange in the U.S., Recallnet in Australia and the Product Recall programme in Canada.

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