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TWI Foods recalls own-brand cookies and rusks

WI Foods is recalling all date codes of some of its own-brand Crispy cookies and rusks because they contain milk that isn't listed on the label.

Products All date codes of the following products are being recalled:
Pistachio Cookies, 200g (milk)
Pistachio Cookies, 400g (milk)
Almond Cookies, 200g (milk)
Almond Cookies, 400g (milk)
Coconut Cookies, 200g (milk)
Coconut Cookies, 400g (milk)
Almond Cake Rusk, 750g (milk)

TWI Foods has recalled the affected stock. In addition, the UK distributor has been advised to contact the relevant allergy support organisations, which will explain to their members why the products have been recalled.

Source: FSA


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Source: FSA


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